Friday, April 22, 2016

Photo Opp - "Relaxing Hour"

Introducing a new segment on my blog, Photo Opp! One thing I like about my toys, including these knock-off LEGO I collect, is that I can always snap a silly shot of them whenever I get free time :P and so I thought, since I don't get longer free times to make a review, maybe I can post some of the best bits I've taken, one at the time. I hope you guys like it!

"A day not fighting knocked-off evil Mutants
is more relaxing with a cup of coffee"

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

[DECOOL] 0184-0189 Super Heroes - DC's Batman & MARVEL's X-Men [TBR]

This set of mini-figs is O-L-D. first came out like eons ago, and I had this a year now. This review was planned last year, but I only got the time to post it now. I bought this set for the Storm mini-fig, I'm a huge X-Men sucker. but if you are a fan of Batman series, this set is a great grab, it has 2 versions of Batman and a movie version of Catwoman.

So what else makes this set a great must have, besides being a cheap copy of original LEGO mini-figure, and the different versions base on different comic universes? ... I can't think of anything else really LOL they're great no matter what. Anyway, since most sets comes with different versions of the character (particularly the Iron Man and Spiderman mini-figs), I thought maybe we should try cracking the history of the mini-figs' version design.

*UPDATE* I included the images of the hero's version I believe the mini-fig design was based on.

0184 WOLVERINE (Marvel)

VERSION: With the yellow and brown sleeveless costume, I'm guessing this is base on the classic Wolverine from the 1980s Uncanny X-Men series. this mini fig is the Jim Lee design, the one that lacks the sharp claw-like motif on the costume. You know what I mean about the claw-like motif, the one with blue instead of brown color is more popular with those design.

THE FIG: The classic Wolverine mini-fig has a simpler design compared to the movie versions and the other ones I've been seeing all over the web. I like the print of the body, but the red belt isn't clean. also, there are miscoloration or scratches on the black of helmet was already there when I had it.

0185 MAGNETO (Marvel)

VERSION:  Ok, at first I have no idea which Magneto is this mini-fig was based on, but after further research, I finally get one universe closest to Magneto wearing red cape, instead of purple - Age of Apocalypse. he also wear red cape in Mutant X, but his helmet is purple in that one.

THE FIG: Nicely painted, unlike the Wolverine one. and it comes with a round piece and clear cylinder pieces, to make Magneto look like he is riding a metal plate and floating in the air, which is one of his iconic poses if you ask me.


VERSION: This mini-fig is based on Selina Kyle from The Dark Knight Rises movie in 2012, played by Anne Hathway. I don't think she was ever referred to as "Catwoman" in the film, but Selina Kyle is the alter-ego of Catwoman in some universe.

THE FIG: I don't think this Catwoman has an original LEGO version, I can't find any pics on the internet to compare to this one. the box art though shows her having a whip, but instead it came with 2 guns. She does used guns in the movie, but I think it will look cooler with the whip.

0187 BATMAN (DC)

VERSION: This mini-fig is based on The Dark Knight film trilogy. I read *somewhere that the original LEGO of this mini-fig comes with the Tumbler, which is the Bat-mobile from the film trilogy. it's really nice that this Batman and the Catwoman on this set came from the same universe, and they are movie version, which adds more bars on the awesomeness. *My Brick Store

THE FIG: That little piece of plastic on top of the helmet is really bothering me. every time I look at it, it gives me itch. JUST LOOKING AT IT WHILE TYPING THIS, I can't help it.. like.. right after this post is done, I'm gonna go and get rid of it. oh and this mini-fig comes with one bat boomerang. I'm not sure what that is, I'm not really a fan of Batman, maybe it's a boomerang. And I'm pretty sure Batman's cape in the trilogy has no sharp lay designs like those.

0188 BATMAN (DC)

VERSION: According to Wikipedia, this Batman is the alien Tlano from Zur-En-Arrh. Also known as Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. the character first appeared in the story, Batman - The Superman of Planet X. Robin had wore this Batman suit, which attracts the attention of the enemies, differing to the emo Dark Knight, which attacks enemies in the dark.

THE FIG: The original LEGO fig of BATMAN of Zur-En-Arrh was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, and it has flat cape, and no sharp details below, though some images of this Batman shows he does have spiky cape. It also has a baseball bat weapon, but this one comes with a silver Batman "boomerang". I like the color of this Batman, even though I'm not really familiar with it's history. when you find out it is a total opposite of the real Batman, it's even crazier.

0189 STORM (Marvel)

VERSION: This Storm is based on the Uncanny X-Men version. This costume of hers has many variants, with the abdomen part had been through many changes. One of my favorite female X-Men, and one of my fave X-Men universe. My top pick Storm version is the one she's wearing the white suit, from the animated series in the 90s. I think it is also a Jim Lee design.

THE FIG: The hair mold is similar to most female super hero mini-figs, but of course this one is white. her alternate face print is really funny, but since she is known for that iconic white eyes when using her powers, I chose to use it instead. The fig also comes with 2 transparent lightning shape pieces, in purple, which represents her weather control powers. and her cape is placed similar to how it is supposed to look like in the comics. The only thing missing is her headpiece.

First of all, sorry I didn't have a picture of all six of them in one picture, I took these images over a year ago. As I said, I only bought this set for the X-Men figures, and maybe that what I thought "Batman in alternate color". but it turned out to be a really good catch. It came with 2 movie version figures, a Batman figure based on SDCC exclusive, and a Magneto with its face properly printed!! Yes, I got another Magneto from different set and its face was printed upside down! I'm telling you I was really furious when I found out. Anyway, if you are a X-Men fan, go a head and get this set, I think there are only few knocked-off sets that has this Storm mini fig, I think Sheng Yuan has it also. and again, if you are a Batman fan, then this set isn't that waste too.

There you go! I hope I redeemed myself even a little, for missing the blog for a year!! HAHA I promise I will post more. I'll try!