Monday, July 16, 2018

JULY 2018 EVENT: (Part 2) Minifigs Haul from OBLO G2G!!

Like what I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Mcdonalds Kia Theater for the monthly OBLO G2G/convention. Was able to meet other members, and aside from the stuff I bought in the event, I also made trades from online sellers of minifigures and spare parts.

Most of the stuff are second hand, or were already removed from the bag, has no instruction manuals, already built, and packed with other stuff. They were all sold in much cheaper price, and thats the beauty of it!! Hahaha. So I made transactions in Mafia Brick Cart with 4 different sellers online..

First one sells minifigs that are still sealed in origina packaging bags..

I got Colonel Sanders (the founding daddy of KFC) and Jollibee (mascot of Philippine fastfood chain, Jollibee), with this beach Batman which comes witha min-build that I cant seem to build correctly due to the lack of instructions..

Well thats how its gonna look for now, but one I manage to find the instructions online, I'll make a review of it, with one of the snags I got from seller number 2..

A beach Robin with fuck lifebuoy!! I also got some second hand figures: a four-horsemen Storm from X-Men Apocalypse, a Santa Claus minifig,  and Joker in Santa Claus costume!!

But thats not the only Joker Santa I got.. because I got another one, and it comes with a wife, from seller number 3..

A different Joker Santa, with Harley Quinn as Mrs. Claus!! Hahahah. And I also got loose Spider-Man, Rajesh Koothrappali (from The Big Bang Theory, which I am currently watching while writing this), a german shepherd fig, and 4 baby groot figures!

Oh.. and also, I bought those grey plates from him, and 38 different head pieces (of different color, prints, and styles), and some weapon builds.

And the last bag, from seller number 4, is my favorite pack..

Because its a bunch of Pirates figs!! (and 15 Pirates of the Caribbean stand plates).  there are 7 minifigs from Pirates of the Caribbean, and 3 yellow skinned pirates (from what I assumed are from the Enlighten pirates), all are second hand..

And brand new Henry Turner and one of the cursed pirates of Silent Mary in Dead Men Tell No Tales. (Sealed in bag with extra hands and stand plates)

Btw, Im not sure if these stands are from the same set and bootleg brands the figures are from, but each has a rotating center piece..

And here are the stuff I bought from the sellers, present in the event.. (almost cost me all the money I brought, as I only had enough for the stuff I bought online, but it was all worth it)

Already built Scarlet Witch (clasic), another Storm (Jim Lee version) cause one cant have enough, Teen Groot (from Avengers Infinity Wars) and a mech-build Groot, which Ive been trying to get since the first GotG film.

Ir also bought 2 unopened packs. The Ronald Mcdonald custom figure, and the infinity guantlet, in chrome colored gold.

Over-all, I went home happily satisfied with all my goods, if only I had won any of the raffle prizes lol. Met new minifig enthusiasts, and will definitely visit the next G2G event. And officially joining The Poor Collector shelf for July 2018 are..

Santa Claus, and the DC peeps; Harley Quinn and 2 Jokers in Santa outft, and Batman and Robin in beach mode.

The Marvel alliance; Teen Groot, Scarlet W., Spidey, and 2 versions of Storm.

The fast food crew; Colonel Sanders, Jollibee and Ronald Mcdonald, with Raj.

And 12 pirates from different series. For a total of..

27 new minifigures, excluding the Baby Groots, the mecha Groot, and the puppy!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

JULY 2018 EVENT: (Part1) My first OBLO G2G Hits!!

Before June ends, I became a member of O.B.L.O, a society of bricks and minifigures enthusiasts that helds monthly gathering events for traders, sellers, cusomizers, and fans alike. And just earlier today, I got to attend the convention for the first time, held in Mcdonalds in Kia Theater.

That Ronald Mcdonald minifig is one of my snags from the event. But.. what I'm more excited about is this official membership card from OBLO..

Yeo, thats me. The organizers did not accepted my request to have "The Poor Collector" placed below my name, but its totally fine. Aside from OBLo, this card also entitles me as a proud member of Mafia Brick Cartel, the blackmarket for bricks and minifig sellers, buyers, and traders.

Heres some of the builds on display..

Unfortunately,my phone went nuts and I was unable to take more photos in the event..  Hopefully, next time Ill be able to join the exhibit. The theme for this month's G2G, or get together, is "Heroes and City". There were also some prize raffles, but I wasnt lucky to snag even one.

And aside from the stuff available on sale by the sellers on the event, it was also the annual "meet up" of those who made deals in Mafia Brick Cartel, and I got a lot of stuff..

Check out my haul from the event on the next part!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

[DUO LE PIN TOYS] NO.515 Super Heroes - Spider-Man Homecoming

One of the MCU films that rocked 2017, is Spider-Man Homecoming. Though the first time I got to see it in theaters (went with my pevious work mangers and bosses), I fell asleep in the middle of the movie coz I'm too tired hahaha. But I watched it again like days after. Anyway, today, I am opening this..

I checked, LEGO did not released an original set similar to this. Fake brands really working their asses coming up with their own build designs, based on ripped official LEGO themes.


Monday, July 2, 2018

[Sheng Yuan/Sembo] NO.S8602 Ninja Thunder Swordsman - White Dragon

My first dragon build from the Ninja Theme, I got this white dragon which comes with a ninja mini figure with questionable identity.

(Such a bummer that I actually made a scheduled post for this review, to be released like 5 days ago.. but turns out, I wasn't connected to the internet when I finished the post so everything I wrote where completely gone, and blogspot didnt saved it on my drafts. have to rewrite everything since I didnt made back-ups. The photos was taken before I opened Kuto, so he won't be appearing on this review)

Brand: Sembo / Sheng Yuan
Series: Ninja Thunder Swordsman

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Adventures of KUTO :: Ep 1 :: Kuto and The Poor Collection

Kuto, the Wange Monster, finally got his day-off, after being my blog mascot for some days. 😒😝 what a spoiled little f*ck.. I'll just let him enjoy the last day of each month, and dedicate a post for Kuto.

"Finallee!! izz Kuto'z Day!! #KutoRulezJune"
..And for his forst day-off, I let Kuto roam around my brick-building table and take photos with some members of The Poor Collection.